Why should you use the services of our company?

➢ We have been on the market for over 20 years.

➢ All our projects are carried out in accordance with all health and safety rules and requirements, as well as all applicable standards and regulations of construction law.

➢ We have references from dozens of domestic and foreign projects consisting in anti-corrosion protection of entire energy facilities.

➢ We employ rope access technicians with the international IRATA certificate recognized and honored in most countries around the world.

➢ We have implemented an Integrated Management System in the scope of ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 recertified in accordance with UKAS requirements.

➢ We constantly invest in new technologies that improve some of our tasks and reduce threats. An example is the implementation of the technology of inspection of tall objects using the currently most advanced drone with high-resolution optical and thermal imaging cameras. Previously, inspections of these facilities were carried out using rope access techniques.

➢ As a company providing anti-corrosion services, we have specialized equipment for surface treatment, such as: FALCH JET100 (2500bar pressure washer), which allows you to remove paint coatings without the use of abrasive. We also have specialized sandblasting machines, which allow us to perform abrasive blasting without dusting.

➢ Regardless of whether it is a power plant, drilling platform, telecommunications mast, or an industrial plant in production – we prepare an operational plan, select appropriate safeguards, tools and materials used. We do not compromise, especially when it comes to security. Therefore, we have never had a serious accident at work. We carry out our projects both on land and at sea (offshore).

➢ Many years of cooperation with our clients is proof of the professionalism and reliable approach of DAAS to the tasks performed.

Our customers

For almost 20 years of providing specialist services in the energy sector, in the European Union, Scandinavia, Benelux and other European countries, we have been present on many construction sites carried out by the largest technology companies and general contractors in the world. Below are some of our clients.

Examples of successful cooperation


The HZI company is one of our key clients, for whom we have already performed the final cleaning with anti-corrosion protection of several energy facilities throughout Europe.


For Metso, we have completed many anti-corrosion projects, largely performed in rope access.


For DOOSAN and its consortium members, we have completed many projects consisting in final cleaning and anti-corrosion protection of energy facilities.


Anti-corrosion projects on the premises of Tauron’s power plants.


For Polimex-Mostostal and companies belonging to the capital group of the same name, we have completed many anti-corrosion and assembly projects in Poland, Scandinavia and Great Britain.


Corrosion protection project during the construction of a new plant in Finland.


Comprehensive cleaning and anti-corrosion protection of the steel structure of the heat and power plant in Dąbrowa Górnicza.


Gravity transmission pipelines, requiring assembly with high accuracy.


For ENEA, we have carried out inspections of wind turbine blades with the use of optical and thermal imaging cameras using a drone.


For several years, we have contracted the winter maintenance of over a hundred large Tesco-owned supermarkets.


We provided materials and anti-corrosion services to Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa.


For several years, we have been a winter maintenance contractor for all Carrefour Polska facilities, roofs and parking lots.