Cleanliness in industrial facilities is not only a matter of aesthetics, but above all, safety and preparation of the facility for commissioning and operation. Therefore, it is worth investing in professional final cleaning services that bring visible results. Today we want to show how our services can change the appearance and functionality of industrial facilities. Below are photos before and after the final cleaning service.

Why is worth using UHP high-pressure hydrodynamic cleaning? Discover 6 economic benefits.

myjka wysokociśnieniowa

Effective methods of cleaning machines, equipment and surfaces are not only important for maintaining high production standards, but also have an impact on the company’s economy. Therefore, it is worth considering why UHP water jet cleaning is becoming more and more popular in industry and what economic benefits it brings compared to other cleaning methods.


In specialized industrial facilities, such as production halls or energy facilities, attention to the level of cleanliness and aesthetics is as important as the advanced technologies used in these places. Therefore, an extremely important element of the process of preparing these buildings for commissioning is professional final industrial cleaning. 

Why is regular inspection of wind turbine blades critical to their long-term performance? 

inspekcje turbin wiatrowych dronem

Wind turbines are an important part of the growing renewable energy sector. Their effectiveness and efficiency are extremely important for the production of green energy. Hence regular inspection of wind turbine blades plays a key role. Why is it so important? Let’s take a closer look at this topic. 

Installation of industrial facades on industrial buildings. Sustainable solutions for the future

fasady przemysłowe

Nowadays, when care for the natural environment and energy efficiency are crucial, the installation of industrial facades on industrial buildings becomes not only an aesthetic solution, but also an important element of sustainable architecture. In this article, we will present the advantages of installing industrial facades that contribute to energy savings and environmental protection.

Painting of galvanized surfaces part. 1.

Attention to the various stages of substrate preparation is key to ensuring the quality of the coating system applied to galvanized surfaces. Given the high frequency of complaints, each step can be considered important. Already at the design stage, it should be taken into account that galvanized structures will be further protected by paint systems. This will allow the selection of appropriate products and substrate preparation technology. Below I will present some solutions that significantly reduce the risk of coating defects. Most of the stipulations are in line with the assumptions of the specification for painting the so-called “paint”. offshore structures, which are those that operate offshore and serve oil and gas extraction processes. It is possible that some readers will find them exorbitant, but their application is reasonable, given the risk of possible complaints.

How (not) to save money on steel structure painting?

I often receive inquiries, where customers ask for a quote for the final acceptance of structures painted by subcontractors. There are few reasons, why. More often than not, there are doubts about the quality of execution. It is not clear, what to do in such cases, so you need a consultation with a specialist. Other times, issues come to light after the elements have already been delivered to the construction site. It is then crucial to assess the extent of the damage and think of a way to repair it. Often times, people just need a ‘paper’ confirming that the work has been done correctly. 

What is the value of such acceptance and documentation, from my point of view?