DAAS Group

Drone inspections

Specialized inspections with the use of a drone and high-resolution optical and thermal imaging cameras.


DAAS GROUP as a company performing especially demanding work at heights, with use of rope access techniques, we are constantly searching for solutions to make possible realization of our tasks in safe and more efective way. For some types of work in rope acces techniques i.e. anti-corrosion protection or steel construction instalations, there is no alternative for now.Whereas there are some tasks which we can accomplish using UAV (Drone). Our technically advanced equipment makes it possible to perform inspection - high resolution optical and thermography photos of high and extensive objects. Also we can do 3D model of an object or terrain with use of photogrammetry and LIDAR scanner, or calculate earth mass balances.


All that we can achieve using UAV

  • safer,
  • faster,
  • cheaper
  • and additionaly obtaining higher quality data.


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