Modern methods of high pressure washing

High-pressure washing

With water under a pressure of 2,500 bar, we can unblock pipelines, remove old coatings from steel and concrete structures, and even expose the reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures.

The use of hydrojetting

Hydrojetting is type of work with use of ultra high pressure washers. In example, Falch Jet100 with 2500 bar operating pressure, ensures possibility of prepairing the surface to Wa3 purity class in terms of EN-ISO 8501-4 in ecological, dust free way, without additional abrasives.

Exposing reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures

Unblocking of pipe installationsch

Removing plaster from buildings

Renovation of concrete surfaces

Cleaning the facades of buildings

Removal of residual mortar, lime or tar

Removal of paint from asphalt


and many other activities.

Hydrojetting - why is it worth it?

Surface prepaired with this method is acceptable for most painting techniques, which provides professional and rigid anti corrosion, anti erosion, fireproof and chemically resistant protection. Such high pressure allows to exopose steel rods in reinforced concrete structures, without the risk of damaging it, (which often happens with use of heavy equipment), or unblocking pipelines and pipe instalations.


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