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Industrial marking

As part of final works on Industrial and Energy facilities, an important element for the future operation of the facility is the appropriate marking of technological devices, in regard to the flow direction, type of transported medium, operating parameters, or the identification of the equipment or process lines and its reference to the P&ID diagram.


Full marking of the facility and devices 

In the scope of the comprehensive service of preparing the facilities for the commissioning stage, DAAS GROUP also offers full marking of the facility and equipment, both in terms of technological marking and industrial HSE markings at the Plant. If some of the equipment has not been marked after assembly, and the scaffolding has already been disassembled - this is no problem for us, because we will quickly and effectively fill the shortages using rope access techniques.

We deliver and install labelling/tagging in the form of stickers or metal tags and plates, among others, for:

- pipelines, including the flow direction, line No. / KKS, type of medium, operating parameters

- valves and instrmentation

- air and flue gas ducts and other technological equipment

- steel structures, e.g. loading, level

- HSE and warning signs



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