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rope access techniques

Industrial mountaineering 

Rope Access

Rope access is already a well-known and appreciated, safe and economically justified, especially on tall objects, form of work.


Industrial mountaineering - a professional team 

Rope access is safe, fast, and relatively cheaper - the higher the facility is, but it is "only" access. Our employees, in addition to knowledge and experience, supported by IRATA certificates of levels 1 to 3, have specialist knowledge regarding specific scopes of work.


They are corrosion protection specialists from contractors, through quality controllers, to level 3 FROSIO inspectors. They are also technicians experienced in the assembly of structures.

Work at height in various places 

We also have technicians experienced in repairing wind turbine blades to the technology and specifications required by the manufacturers of these blades. Our employees are authorized to implement projects in special places, such as chemical plants, power plants, drilling platforms or wind farms located on the seas.

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