Ad hoc and long term service

If the wind turbine requires immediate attention, we will take prompt and efficient intervention to prevent downtime and minimize losses. However, the best method of protecting equipment is regular maintenance, and when it comes to wind turbine blades, periodic and professional inspections, to check the condition of the blade. We are happy to perform comprehensive inspections of wind turbine blades. More often than not, these inspections are carried out using a drone, which allows us to take a high-quality, high-resolution photos in a very short time. This method is not only faster but also more secure. If it is necessary to carry out an inspection using the “traditional" rope access method, we will carry out such review with an experienced and certified crew.

Ad hoc and long term service of wind turbines carried out by DAAS specialists is a guarantee of proper operation of the devices and effective resolution of any problems related to the operation of these structures, while reducing the downtime of turbines, resulting from the use of specialized drones.


Scope of work

For more details, please contact us. We offer service work throughout Europe.


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