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Drone inspections

The use of drones in difficult conditions

Drone inspections

We perform work at heights in difficult conditions. This industry requires the use of various, effective, and safe methods. We most often use Rope Access Techniques, but at DAAS GROUP we move with the times and often reach for modern methods of performing work at height.


We develop our competences

The continuous development of the company allows us to invest in professional equipment to expand our offer or perform services better, faster and, above all, safer. Therefore, we can offer our clients drone inspections, i.e., a modern, unmanned, automatically controlled vehicle. This device enables testing of Wind Farms, Wind Turbines, and other hard-to-reach objects.

Modern work standards

For some works performed in rope access, such as anti-corrosion protection or assembly of steel structures, there is currently no alternative. However, there are tasks that we can perform with the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle. These include, for example, inspections of wind turbines, tower structures, power lines or other high structures.


Drone inspections of Wind Farms


Our technically advanced devices enable professional, fast and accurate inspection of power plants and other facilities. The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) takes optical and thermal images of objects that are both high and vast. The obtained images are characterized by accuracy and high resolution. Moreover, this data can also be used for other services offered, including the elaboration of an object's 3D model, e.g., a Wind Turbine or the calculation of the balance of masses.


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