finalne czyszczenie obiektów przemysłowych

Final Cleaning

In highly specialized Energy Facilities, as well as other Industrial Plants, the level of cleanliness and aesthetics is as important as the modern technologies used. Therefore, specialized industrial final cleaning of the entire facility is a crucial element of the preparation of installations, industrial halls, or power plant units for commissioning and taking over for operation.

Final cleaning of objects

Our comprehensive service with the use of industrial vacuum cleaners, high-pressure washers, and manual cleaning, meets the highest requirements set by End-Users, even in the most difficult conditions.

Rope access techniques enable us, to work without the need to install costly scaffolding and without interfering with the active operation of the installation.

In many cases, industrial cleaning is the first stage before professional corrosion protection of post-assembly damage. We provide partial and comprehensive cleaning of steel structures and installations, as part of a comprehensive service of preparing the facility for commissioning and operation.



The installation of technical infrastructure and commissioning works can lead the newly assembled steel structure into poor technical and aesthetic condition. And after all, when building a new facility, you want it to look new, right? We will help you bring it to the condition, in which it left the factory.


By carrying out the works on power facilities for many years, we have gained experience in safe and timely performance of the tasks as well as in the proper maintenance of documentation.


In the field of steel structures, the most warranty repairs are those of anti-corrosion coatings. Invest in your safety and using the services of the company that has theoretical knowledge and extensive practical experience.


At the final stage of the project, time plays a huge role. For many years, we have developed methods of performing work and we know the rules of the Energy Industry. We can properly manage the project, taking into account the two most important variables: time and budget.