The company employs a team of highly qualified rope access specialists with internationally recognized IRATA certifications, which allow us to carry out industrial rope access assignments all over the world.

Work at height is not for amateurs – our employees have hands-on experience in rope access jobs, they use specialized equipment, which is certified and checked for proper functioning every day. We have extensive experience in execution of contracts both on the Polish market, and abroad.

Why are industrial climbers necessary when working at heights?

Industrial climbers are able to safely and professionally perform work at very high heights that are unattainable for an untrained person. The climbers can reach places, they wouldn’t be able to reach using scaffolding, thanks to rope access techniques. Almost nothing is impossible for them.

Our team performs anti-corrosion and fire protection painting, as well as final cleaning of industrial and energy objects, using Rope Access Techniques (RAT). Our employees support also the assembly of steel structures and facades, especially on the high buildings.


has established procedures and guidelines associated with the work for rope access.


is considered the best in the world and widely accepted.

Environmental Benefit

Rope access doesn’t require the use of invasive access equipment.


A number of projects in construction, civil engineering and water engineering are carried out using rope access techniques.