Wind Turbines Service

Wind energy is the future of renewable energy sources. A significant and constantly growing number of units installed is more and more crucial in order to maintain energy security.

However, it requires appropriate and cycles service activities to ensure safe and long-term use of the Wind Turbines. We deal with servicing of Wind Turbines in the field of inspection and repair of blades, anti-corrosion protection and screw connections of towers – both on land and offshore

We employ qualified Rope Access Technicians (RAT) with IRATA and GWO training and certified drone operators. Our company is also a UAV operator registered at the Civil Aviation Authority. By using modern technology with the use of industrial UAVs, combining optical image analysis with thermal imaging, we radically reduce the inspection time and, at the same time, the turbine’s shut downtime. By means of modern solutions we ensure better accuracy of inspections, and above all, we provide Turbine’s Operators with a clear report with detailed documentation of the detected defects and their assessment in the context of further operation of Turbines, and if necessary, we provide immediate repairs.


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