Re_Open UK

In the third quarter of this year, we joined the Re_Open UK program, which is an initiative supporting enterprises in returning to full operations after the pandemic.


The Re_Open UK program is a response to the negative economic effects that Brexit has had on entrepreneurs operating in Poland. This initiative consists of two main activities, each of them aims to effectively support companies in dealing with the challenges related to Brexit.

The first action, focusing on supporting enterprises affected by Brexit, covers four types of projects.

  • Type 1. New export directions (financing participation in international fairs, exhibitions and economic missions)
  • Type 2. Investment re_start (financing investments supporting new directions of enterprise development)
  • Type 3. Adaptation to changes (costs of adapting enterprises to new market conditions resulting from Brexit)
  • Type 4. Brexit without loss (reimbursement of costs from types 1,2,3 incurred from January 1, 2020)

The second action focuses on supporting businesses dependent on fishing activities, due to restrictions resulting from Brexit. Individual aid projects are targeted at companies engaged in fishing activities.

The program is available to entrepreneurs who have the status of an SME or large enterprise, are registered and conduct business in the territory of the Republic of Poland, have exchanged goods or services with the United Kingdom since 2018 or 2019, and have recorded a decline in trade turnover with the UK after 2020 or have suffered additional costs as a direct result of Brexit. The Re_Open UK program is a comprehensive response to the challenges posed by changes resulting from Brexit for entrepreneurs in Poland.

Planned project effects

By participating in the project, we gained new equipment: Skylotec winches. Thanks to the use of equipment, our work at heights will become more effective, especially when lifting and lowering heavy loads. This, in turn, will translate into time savings and increased work efficiency.

Our participation in the project also involves the purchase of a Geda platform, which will enable us to perform work at heights in a fully controlled and safe manner. Additionally, thanks to the speed and ease of height adjustment, Geda platforms will allow our employees to move effectively between different levels of the building. This, in turn, will reduce the time needed to perform work at heights.

Total value of the project and amount of funding

The total value of the Project is EUR 83,071,83

The funding amount is EUR 83,071,83