Place of performance:

Active paper production plant Schumacher Packaging Services Sp. z o.o. 

Myszków Pułaskiego 6

42-300 Myszków, Poland

myszków fasady


The modernized production hall was equipped with an old facade made of prefabricated concrete slabs, fixed to reinforced concrete columns. The aim of the task was to improve the aesthetic qualities of the facade, but above all to improve the thermal insulation characteristics of the facade while maintaining high fire resistance, required in a paper manufacturing plant.

In the context of effective implementation, it was also extremely important to dismantle heavy prefabricated panels without damaging the neighbouring infrastructure, i.e. other buildings outside the scope of works adjacent to the modernized facade, new roofing and technological and ventilation installations. In addition, all dismantled elements of the old facade had to be properly disposed of.

Before the construction of the modern, light structure of the building made of sandwich panels with a mineral wool core, the facade required the elevation of the plane through the assembly of a steel structure. However, earlier, the structure had to be protected against corrosion to a high corrosive class, due to the conditions prevailing in the production hall. The previously structure was designed in such a way that by mounting it to the existing reinforced concrete columns, it was possible to derive the outer plane in tolerance, enabling the correct assembly of sandwich panels.

During the renovation of the facade, it was also necessary to replace the window joinery and entrance gates, which meet high technical parameters for the specific conditions inside the plant.

In accordance with applicable regulations, fire protection zones designated in the facility required the installation of special passive fire protection.

Coordination of works, ensuring their continuity, in unfavorable autumn and winter weather conditions, turned out to be quite a challenge. It was also necessary to secure the dismantled facade in order to maintain appropriate climatic conditions inside the hall, enabling the continuity of paper production. Taking care to protect the interior of the hall from excessive dust, the old facade was carefully dismantled, while maintaining the smoothness of production.

The entire modernization process required precision, meticulousness and professionalism to ensure not only aesthetic improvements, but also improved functionality and safety in the production hall.

myszków fasady


  • disassembly and disposal of the existing facade made of prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs,  
  • disassembly of worn-out window joinery and gates,
  • preparation of columns for substructure assembly,
  • delivery and assembly of 20 tons of steel substructure, protected to C5 resistance class,
  • delivery and assembly of 3,000 m2 of a new facade made of sandwich panels with PIR and mineral wool filling,
  • delivery and assembly of over 1 km of flashings, 
  • delivery and assembly of windows, doors and gates,
  • delivery and installation of fire precautions,
  • renovation of ventilation shafts adjacent to the renovated facade, located inside the hall.

fasady przemysłowe realizacja


It is certainly one of the most complex and demanding in terms of precision coordination’s of facade projects that we have completed so far. Thanks to the diligent work of our team, a successful modernization of the building’s facade was carried out. The investment was successfully completed in March 2023. The new facade not only improves the aesthetics of the building, fitting in with the entire infrastructure of the plant, but also provides better thermal insulation and meets fire protection guidelines. It results in energy savings and more comfortable conditions inside the building, as well as adapts it to current standards.

Shaft before renovation from the outside

Shaft before renovation inside

Shaft after renovation inside

Assembly of the substructure

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