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In our company, the priority is to use modern and effective methods in every area of our services. That is why we offer you hydrojettingan innovative approach to surface cleaning and preparation, based on the use of advanced ultra-high pressure washers. Regardless of the scale of the order, our professional team ensures quick and accurate execution of the work, which allows you to achieve excellent results. Thanks to hydrojetting, we can effectively remove any dirt, sediments, paint or tarnish, leaving the surface clean, smooth and ready for the next stages of work. 

How does hydrojetting work?

Hydrojetting is an extremely effective and safe method of cleaning surfaces, which is based on the use of the powerful force of a high-pressure water stream. But how exactly does it work? 

The hydrojetting process is based on the use of the phenomenon of fragmentation of material particles by directing a stream of high-pressure water onto a given surface. The liquid hits the brittle material, leading to cracking of the structure. The result is crevices, micro-cracks and the disintegration of a uniform surface into smaller elements. 

It is at this point that hydrojetting shows its extraordinary effectiveness. Broken and disintegrated material fragments are then easily removed by a continued stream of high pressure water. This precise and controlled cleaning method allows you to effectively remove layers of old paint, plaster, rust and other contaminants, without the need for chemicals or excessive physical effort. 

Hydrojetting is an innovative solution that removes all obstacles in an ecological, effective and safe way, restoring surfaces to their original purity and readiness for further work. By choosing hydrojetting, you decide for effective cleaning without compromise. 

What do we do with the hydrojetting method?

  • cleaning the facades of buildings 
  • cleaning heat exchangers 
  • cleaning outside buildings, removing plaster from buildings 
  • cleaning of steel surfaces, tanks
  • cleaning of chimneys and chimney coolers
  • removal of corrosion, paint, rubber and bitumen coatings
  • renovation of concrete surfaces 
  • clearing of pipelines and other pipe installations 
  • uncovering reinforcement in reinforced concrete structures 
  • removal of mortar, lime or tar residues 
  • removal of paint from asphalt 

Is hydrojetting safe for the objects being cleaned?

The hydrodynamic method works extremely quickly, effectively and ecologically, it is also safe for the cleaned objects. Of course, provided that the procedure is skillfully carried out by qualified employees. 

The hydrojetting procedure is preceded by a preliminary diagnosis of materials and determining which layers and to what depth are to be removed. The next step is to select the appropriate parameters of the water stream to crush unnecessary elements, leaving the rest intact, refreshed and clean, ready for further processing. Each material – concrete, steel, asphalt – requires different treatment, so it is necessary to have specialist knowledge and experience in the discussed field. 

Benefits of using the hydrojetting method


Removing dirt and tarnish prevents their accumulation and potential damage to the building surface.


Hydrojetting is effective in removing moss, algae and other organic substances that may be deposited on building facades.


The hydrojetting method enables effective cleaning of larger surfaces in a shorter time compared to traditional cleaning methods.


Hydrojetting uses clean water under high pressure, meaning no chemical cleaners or detergents are required.


We have devices with ultra-high pressure of 2500 bar, which allow you to remove strongly adhering paint coatings and even expose reinforcement in reinforced concrete structures. We employ qualified employees who have the necessary knowledge and experience in carrying out the hydrojetting procedure. We can also perform key works with the use of pressure washers on high objects, then we will use rope access techniques. 

We ensure fast execution of the order, high standard of execution of the tasks entrusted to us and competitive prices. By accepting an offer from our company, you can be sure that hydrojetting will be carried out professionally, effectively and with full respect for the safety of the facility. 

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