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We will do everything at height.

For almost 20 years, DAAS Group has been providing the largest technology companies and general contractors of energy facilities with support in the field of all types of work at heights.

Our offer

Energy and industry

Support at construction and renovation

Our main activity we provide on power plants and other industrial objects all Europe wide for benefits and satisfactory of our clients and ourselves. We provide support for work at heights, assembly of the facade, execution of industrial insulation, resin coating for floors, anti-corrosion protection, and final cleaning of the objects providing the standards required by the final client.


Energy and industry 

Comprehensive cleaning of industrial facilities

We understand the expectations of End Users, that the Plant cleanliness and esthetics aspects are not less important than the Hi-Tech technology applied. Therefore, we are your support to bring the facility to the expected level of cleanliness before turn into operation, both for new and modernized energy and other industrial facilities.


Wind turbine service

Inspections and repairs

Wind energy is a future of renewable energy resources, and DAAS for almost 20 years of its activity is focused to follow the actual trends. Also, for almost 20 years we provide the services at heights. Therefore, we are very experienced with the works with use of rope access techniques. We use these techniques both for inspections and repair of the blades and wind turbine support elements. However, more and more we make the inspections with use of advanced modern drone, high resolution optical photography and thermography.  


Inspections of overhead power lines

The drone does the inspection safely and fast.

Using of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly called drones makes advantage in fast collection of high-quality data. Yet, it eliminates risks of works at heights. Drones are ideal solution for inspections of the overhead power lines.  


Drone inspections

Optical and thermal inspections

Pipeline leaks, overheating of equipment, thermal insulation of the buildings, cracks on structures – the inspections with use of drone can be arranged to detect all these defects and in many other cases.


Our main activity we provide on power plants and other industrial objects for benefits and satisfactory of our clients and ourselves.   

Following of extensive development of the wind power energy and basis on our competencies we provide essential support in servicing of the Wind Turbines.

We perform fast, cheap, and accurate drone inspections. For detailed control of the high and extensive objects we use an advanced and reliable equipment, equipped with optical and thermal cameras which provide high resolution images. Using photogrammetry and scanners, we create 3D models of selected buildings.

Comprehensive and always at the highest level

We are professionals, but we approach our tasks with passion. Our experiences originate from work at heights, therefore, in realization of each project safety is the most important issue. Our intention is to provide our clients with a comprehensive service offer.


We carry out the final preparation of newly built facilities for final hand over, anti-corrosion protection of steel structures, with a professional surface preparation treatment, relevant for high demanding paint systems, fire rated protections, industrial insulation, installation of wall facades (sandwich panels) and resin coatings for floors. Considering technical and economic aspects we provide the works at heights with use either traditional technics (scaffolding, lifts) or rope access techniques. Inspections of high objects recently most often we arrange with use of high modern industrial drone.

Our work is our passion, not only business. We are active on large construction sites, national and abroad, continuously for almost 20 years, therefore we have big experience, and we are prepared for the most demanding contracts. We are eager to implement our projects in all Europe areas, both on shore and offshore.

Rope access

Rope access is already a well-known and appreciated, safe and economically justified, especially on tall objects, form of work.


With water under a pressure of 2,500 bar, we can unblock pipelines, remove old coatings from steel and concrete structures, and even expose the reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures.

What can we do for you?

Work at height, among others:

Service of wind turbines
inspection and repair of blades, anti-corrosion protection of towers and screw connections.

Hydrojetting 2500 bar

unblocking pipelines, removing coatings, crushing concrete


anti-corrosion and fireproof

Wall facades

Sandwich panels and cassettes

Industrial insulation

engineering and workmanship

Drone inspections

optical, thermal imaging, photorealistic 3D models

Comprehensive cleaning
of industrial facilities

Join the group of satisfied customers!

Comprehensive offer dedicated for the energy sector (including RES) and industry.

Rich, almost 20 years of experience, makes us a valuable partner for those who value professionalism, safety, and punctuality.

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