Why is worth using UHP high-pressure hydrodynamic cleaning? Discover 6 economic benefits.

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Effective methods of cleaning machines, equipment and surfaces are not only important for maintaining high production standards, but also have an impact on the company’s economy. Therefore, it is worth considering why UHP water jet cleaning is becoming more and more popular in industry and what economic benefits it brings compared to other cleaning methods.

What is UHP water jet cleaning?

UHP hydrodynamic cleaning is a modern solution in the field of surface preparation, enabling the effective and precise removal of various coatings, contaminants and signs of corrosion. It is also perfect for removing the most stubborn materials, such as rust, resins, chemical residues, scale, and the aforementioned abrasion-resistant coatings, including coal tar epoxies, chlorinated rubber, and polyurethanes. UHP water jet cleaning is not only exceptionally effective and precise, but also safe for the environment due to the lack of the need to use additional chemicals and detergents, which makes it increasingly popular among enterprises striving for sustainable development.

There are also traditional cleaning methods that have been used for years. In this article, we will try to take them into consideration and consider their effectiveness. We will also check how high-pressure hydrodynamic cleaning compares.

  • One of the most basic and traditional cleaning methods is hand scrubbing. Workers use hand tools to remove dirt and grime from surfaces. This method is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Scrubbing by hand can lead to incomplete cleaning, whereas high-pressure washers evenly distribute a concentrated stream of water, allowing for more thorough and uniform cleaning of surfaces.
  • Another method is steam washing. This solution uses hot steam to dissolve and remove dirt from various surfaces. Steam is not as effective in removing difficult dirt. In addition, the steam is dispersed, which may result in poor removal of spot dirt and may pose a risk of damage to adjacent high-temperature-sensitive infrastructure. Cleaning with a UHP water jet works much better, thanks to the ability to precisely direct a concentrated water stream in a specific direction.
  • Dry cleaning is a method that involves the use of special detergents or chemicals that dissolve dirt. This is an effective method for difficult-to-remove stains and substances, but may require careful spreading and rinsing of detergents, which increases water consumption. When using a high-pressure washer, much less water is used, which makes this method more effective in terms of saving resources and does not cause additional environmental pollution with chemicals.
  • Sandblasting is the process of removing rust, paint and other contaminants from surfaces using a stream of sand grains or other abrasive materials. This is an aggressive method that can damage surfaces, which is why it is used primarily in the metal industry. Sandblasting, because it requires the delivery and removal of abrasive materials, generates additional costs and may be burdensome. Sand also gets into ventilation ducts and other systems, which can cause serious damage to plants or other facilities. Additionally, employees involved in the sandblasting process must be properly protected against dust and other potentially harmful substances. Therefore, removing paint and similar components using UHP airless cleaning is certainly a safer alternative.

Discover 6 economic benefits of using a UHP washer in industry

UHP waterjet cleaning offers a number of advantages that make it an attractive choice for companies looking for efficient and sustainable surface treatment and preparation solutions.

1.Efficiency and time saving. The use of a strong, concentrated stream of water under high pressure reduces the time needed to clean the surface. The process is much faster than traditional scrubbing or other methods described above. This allows you to increase productivity and reduce downtime. Manual scrubbing or other methods require much more time and human labor. Therefore, manual cleaning is time-consuming and less effective compared to work done with a high-pressure washer.

2. Reduction in labor costs. The operation of a high-pressure washer can be performed by a small team. This eliminates the need for more workers to be involved in the cleaning process.

3. Water saving. Thanks to the concentrated water stream, UHP washers use significantly less water compared to traditional methods, which leads to savings on operating costs. Traditional cleaning methods often require large amounts of water and detergents, which is less effective and more expensive.

4. Extending the durability of devices. Effective removal of dirt, sediment, etc. using a high-pressure washer contributes to extending the durability of machines, devices and coatings.

5. Quality of the final product. By using clean water (without detergents) at ultra-high pressure to remove coatings, we achieve a much cleaner surface, which translates into longer durability of re-applied coatings. Removing corrosion products from the deepest recesses of the surface guarantees that the new coating will adhere to a perfectly clean base, free from salts, chlorides and other contaminants.

6. Sustainable solution. Additionally, UHP water jet cleaning is an environmentally friendly solution. This technique minimizes the impact on the natural environment, reducing environmental pollution and reducing waste, making it an excellent choice for companies striving for sustainable development and compliance with environmental standards.


Hydrodynamic cleaning using the UHP method in industry, but also in other industries, brings numerous economic benefits compared to traditional cleaning methods. This is an investment that speeds up processes, reduces labor, water and detergent costs, extends the durability of devices, improves product quality and ensures effective and ecological cleaning.

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